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Hamilton, Chico / Quintet - Sweet Smell Of Success (OST)

Composer: Elmer Bernstein

One of the most important films of the fifties, Sweet Smell Of Success boasts one of the great jazz scores; a combination of abstract jazz themes written and performed by the Chico Hamilton Quintet and a furious orchestral score by the masterful Elmer Bernstein.
These albums were released separately in 1957 - both became very considerable rarities - and are here combined in a single edition in digital format for the first time.
Sweet Smell Of Success is memorable for the vicious performances of Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis and its uniquely nasty view of the tough underbelly of New York fifty years ago. It was directed by Alexander Mackendrick (‘The Ladykillers’ ‘Whisky Galore’ ‘The Man In The White Suite’ ‘Mandy’) Its audience is with jazz and film buffs and the eternally stylish!
The Chico Hamilton Quintet:
Goodbye Baby / Cheek To Chico / Susan (The Sage) / Sidney's Theme / Jonalah / Jam / Night Beat / Concerto Of Themes From Soundtrack Of "Sweet Smell Of Success"

Elmer Bernstein:
The Street / Hot Dogs And Juice (Goodbye Baby)/ Sidney And Susie / Hunsecker's Price / Tropical Island Mood / The Smear / Toots Shor's Blues / Nite Spot Rock / Susie's Problem/ Hunsecker Operates (Goodbye Baby) / Goodbye Baby Blues / The Trap Is Sprung / Love Scene (Susan-The Sage) / Out Of Darkness.
Released 2008.
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