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Havel, Christian - The Gazelle Grooves

Cool Jazz & Funk grooves from this guitar/organ Trio (Erwin Schmidt hittin the keys) plus the great Thomas Kugi on Tenor sax. Another proval for the high Austrian level in Jazz.
Christian Havel (Gitarre), Thomas Kugi (Tenorsax), Erwin Schmid (Hammond Orgel), Fred Mühlhofer (Schlagzeug).

It sounds like a modern fairytale: Christian Havel, one of the leading european Jazzguitarists of Europe, started “just for fun” jamsessions in an oriental place „Aux Gazelles”, somewhere in the sixth district in Vienna. Some of his fellowmusicians joined him on these monday evenings, when anyhow nothing else is happening.... The lady owner of the club liked it and hired Mr. Havel, Erwin Schmidt and Fred Mühlhofer every monday from then on, although there was just a handful of listeners in the beginning. But more and more musicians sat in, among them Thomas Kugi, who got part of the house band soon. The word of mouth did the rest and now the concerts are getting meeting points for the musical and artistical scene of Vienna.The band is perfectly rehearsed and feeling together. This studio recording is a document and a prove for that! The lovely combination of a warm sounding Jazzguitar, a smokey Hammond organ, a light and swingy drums and a snake-charming saxophone will bring us in a feeling between New York and the Orient. No wonder: we are in Vienna, 2009 One of the songs (Gazelle Groove) is a special dedication the the club, in a cool and chilling oriental dance sound.
1. Doujie (5:23)
2. The Jody Grind (5:53)
3. Get Out Of Town (5:11)
4. Andalucia (4:25)
5. Olvidar (4:07)
6. Calypsos (6:01)
7. Can’t Buy Me Love (4:40)
8. Mr. Walker (5:26)
9. E.S. (5:53)
Bonus Track:
10. Gazelle Groove (4:48)
Recorded 17 & 18 September 2008 at Bizzy Man Studio (Vienna)
Released 2009.
Style: Cool Jazz & Funk Grooves.
Price: 17,90 EUR