Winter & Winter BSIN03243670

Caine, Uri / Ensemble - The Othello Syndrome

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

1. Othello's Victory
2. Fire Song
3. Drinking Song
4. Love Duet with Othello and Desdemona
5. Introduction to Act II
6. Iago's Credo [lyrics: Arrigo Boito, Sadiq Bey]
7. She's the only one I love [lyrics: Bunny Sigler]
8. Iago's Web [lyrics: Arrigo Boito]
9. Desdemona's Lament
10. Am I a Fool? [lyrics: Bunny Sigler]
11. The Lion of Venice
12. Othello's Confession [lyrics: Sadiq Bey]
13. The Willow Song/Ave Maria
14. Murder [lyrics: Sadiq Bey, Julie Patton]
15. The Death of Othello [lyrics: Bunny Sigler]
Music composed and adapted by Uri Caine after Giuseppe Verdi
Released 2008.
Price: 20,90 EUR