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Perez, Danilo / Big Band - Panama Suite (Limited Edition)

Limitierte Auflage. Sonderimport aus USA.
Danilo Perez Big Band Panama Suite (Commemorating five years of the Panama Jazz Festival)
The Panama Suite is a fifteen minute, three-movement composition that combines urban sounds with Panamanian folkloric elements in a big band setting. It embodies the sound of the next generation of Latino musicians and represents the opening of geographical borders, and the opening of the new mind. This state of mind demands both innovation and respect for tradition, with the hope that by exercising creative freedom the human species will find peace, truth and justice. (Danilo Perez)
The recording of The Panama Suite was made possible by a collaboration between two of the world's most renowned musical institutions and Boston neighbors: Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory. On June 9th of 2006, led by Danilo Perez, music professors and students, recording engineers and assistants all joined forces in Berklee Studio A to perform and record this challenging composition.
1. Movement I - Awakening / El Despertar (3:42)
2. Movement II - The Quest / La Busqueda ( 4:54)
3. Movement III - The Celebration / Quiero Amanecer (6:12)
Recorded on June 9, 2006 at Berklee College of Music.
Released 2007.
Price: 24,90 EUR