ECM BSIN03342282

Motian, Paul / Trio - Lost In A Dream

Birth of a great new band, captured live at New York’s celebrated Village Vanguard, with repertoire emphasizing Paul Motian’s wonderful ballad writing.
New Motian tunes are juxtaposed with “Bird Song” (from “Tati”) and “Drum Music” and “Abacus” (first heard on Paul’s now legendary album “Le Voyage”). A free exploration of Irving Berlin’s “Be Careful It’s My Heart” completes a programme distinguished by gloriously supple playing from all three participants who are in tune at a high level. Or, as the New York Times noted, reviewing the concerts from which this album was drawn: “The accumulated wisdom within the band was clear.”
Chris Potter (tenor saxophone), Jason Moran (piano), Paul Motian (drums)
1. Mode VI
2. Casino
3. Lost In A Dream
4. Blue Midnight
5. Be Careful It's My Heart
6. Birdsong
7. Ten
8. Drum Music
9. Abacus
10. Cathedral Song
Recorded February 2009.
Released 2010.
Price: 17,90 EUR