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Von Orelli, M / Meier / Sisera / Suter - Lotus Crash

The music itself tells us where we are going. In tells us quietly but insistently, in breathy, Nalmost toneless shapes from the trumpet, resonant frictions from the tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, low drones and rhythmic pulses from the contrabass, and a whole orchestra of sounds – not just “time” – from the percussion. Lotus Crash is a marvellous new record from a new jazz imprint, which also has a Ngreat deal of history behind it, as well as a desire to move ever forward into the music’s future.
MARCO VON ORELLI (trumpet), TOMMY MEIER (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), LUCA SISERA (double bass), SHELDON SUTER (drums)
Recorded Live July 13, 2018 at Theater am Gleis Winterthur, Switzerland
1. Lotus
2. Part Of A Light
3. Spin With The EARth
4. Forbidden Fruits
5. Maiduguri
6. Triptychon
7. Wittgenstein
8. Five Dark Days
9. AKA
Released 2019.
Price: 17,90 EUR