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Lossing, Russ / Trio - Ways

These Ways are like little journeys in sound, passages between one space and another. They’re negotiated not in a choreographed way but in the natural, human way that we explore our surroundings or make purposive trips from one part of town to another. Elias Canetti wrote about this in Crowds and Power, a book that all improvisers would do well to study. The difference between an individual and a crowd is a matter for aesthetics as much as for politics.
RUSS LOSSING (piano), MASA KAMAGUCHI (double bass), BILLY MINTZ (drums).
Recorded January 18, 2011 at Charlestown Road Studio; New Jersey.
1. Passageway
2. Breezeway
3. Causeway
4. Archway
5. Skyway
6. Byway
7. Away
8. Way
Released 2019.
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