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Coleman, Ornette - New York Is Now & Love Call Revisited

New York is Now! and Love Call are rarely mentioned in surveys of Ornette Coleman’s music, and they are often glossed over when they are cited....Even in commentary focusing on Coleman’s recordings for Blue Note between 1965 and ‘68, these albums tend to be over - shadowed by the two volumes of At the “Golden Circle” Stockholm… However, these last sessions before Coleman’s departure for Impulse! Are pivotal, influential albums that merit reassessment.
Ornette Coleman (alto saxophone, violin on 3, trumpet on 7), Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone), Jimmy Garrison (double bass), Elvin Jones (drums)
Recorded April 29, 1968, New York City
1. The Garden Of Souls (14:02)
2. Toy Dance (7:29)
3. We Now Interrupt For A Commercial (3:24)
4. Broad Way Blues (8:46)
5. Round Trip (6:19)
6. Airborne (10:31)
7. Love Call (8:46)
8. Open To The Public (8:05)
9. Check Out Time (8:22)
Released 2022.
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