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ARO (Austrian Radio Orchestra) - Romantic Symphony

This record is the result of the symbiosis of the ORF Big Band and the ORF Symphony Orchestra.
The ORF Big Bond was founded in 1971 by Erich Kleinschuster and was a very successful Jazz- and Radioband, nationaly and internationaly till 1981, when the ORF unfortunately decided to dismiss the band.
The ORF Symphony Orchestra is also a highly qualified musical organisation, which won big fame with her interpreatation of contemporary works!
Both bands are able to show great soloists!
These special recordings were made between 1971 and 1987 under the leadership of either Karel Krautgartner or Hans Salomon. They feature a large range of musicians. Many soloists of both groups are featured (such as Karl Drewo, Rens Newland, Bob Dodge, Peter Guth,…) as well as some guests (such Kur! Ratzer).
They are all easy-listening pieces, meant to sooth your dreams or to kindle your "romantic moments".
Most of the tunes are instrumental, but we also have two vocals, featuring the voices of Karl Ratzer(!), and Monica Mericas (you should know her from "Mainstreet" and "D-Mona)!
So enjoy the smooth sound of a big string orchestra with a jazzy touch and brilliant melodies!
We wish you a romantic time!
Rens Newland
Guitars: Rens Newland (exceptions are mentioned)
Piano: Fritz Pauer, Gerd Thurner, Georg Gabler
Drums: Fritz Ozmec, Walter Grossmann, Joe Dudli
Bass: Heinz Jäger
Clarinet: Hans Salomon
Saxes: Karl Drewo
Trombone: Bob Dodge
Strings: Big string-group of the ORF Symphony Orchestra (SYO)
Woodwinds: Woodwind-group of the SYO
Brass: ORF Big Band, SYO
Recorded in the ORF Funkhaus (Studio RP4), Vienna.
1. Summer Dream (Rens 'Newland) soloist: Rens Newland (guitar) (4:55)
2. The Thing (Karl Ratzer) soloist: Karl Ratzer (all guitars) (4:19)
3. Colours Of Autumn (Ernst Lamprecht) soloist: Karl Drewo (sopranosax), Rens Newland (guitar) (4:42)
4. Golden Face (Hans Salomon) soloist: Gerd Thurner (piano) (3:07)
5. Considerations (Kurt Peche) (3:32)
6. When You Came (Karl Ratzer) soloist: Karl Ratzer (all guitars) (4:06)
7. Nur ein Blatt Papier (Herwig Gratzer) soloist: Gerd Thurner (piano) (3:18)
8. Late Spring (Hans Salomon) soloist: Rens Newland (guitar) (4:06)
9. Watch A Star (Despina C.) soloist: Gerd Thurner (synthesizer) (2:42)
10. Libella (Rens Newland) soloist: Rens Newland (acc. guitar) (3:49)
11. Here You Are (Hans Salomon) soloist: Karl Drewo (altosax) (2:58)
12. Ballade Cathrine (Fritz Pauer) soloist: Fritz Pauer (piano) (3:18)
13. Nathan der Weise (Karl Ratzer) soloist:Karl Ratzer (all guitars) (5:04)
14. That Lovely Feeling (Hans Salomon) soloist: Georg Gabler (synthesizer) (3:51)
15. Leise ganz leise (Hans Salomon / Martin Flossmann) soloist: Monica Mericas (vocal) (4:16)
16. Mana (Erich Kleinschuster soloist: Bob Dodge (trombone) (2:43)
17. He's Just Too Sweet (Hans Salomon) soloist: Peter Guth (violin) (2:32)
18. Around 23 (Ernst Lamprecht) soloist: Fritz Pauer (synthesizer), featuring: Harry Pepl (all guitars) (4:24)
19. Goodbye (Karl Ratzer) soloist: Karl Ratzer (vocal, all guitars) (3:03)
All arranged by Hans Salomon, except "Considerations " (arr. by Kurt Peche) and "Ballade Cathrine" (arr. by Fritz Pauer).
3, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 & 17 directed by Karel Krautgartner, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 15, 18, & 19 directed by, Hans Salomon.
Released 1994.
Price: 17,90 EUR