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James, Harry - In Vienna Volume 1 (1957)

Trumpeter and bandleader Harry James was a very popular figure in the fourties and fifties, even in Vienna. His music, uncomplicated and danceable, was of interest to jazz lovers too, because James always had great soloists in his orchestra: Ray Sims, Willie Smith, Corky Corcoran and Buddy Rich, just to name a few. He especially was well known from several movies which he took part in; his "Trumpet blues" was a hit, even in the days of Rock'n'Rol1. Harry James' Vienna Concert of the 20th October, 1957 took place in a big tent with a capacity for about 8000 people (at this time there was no appropriate concert hall in Vienna). The concert was so successful that the agency booked hi m for another week. During these days the Austrian Television Corporation broadcast live from the "Renaissancebühne" and parts of the music were preserved by amateur recording engineer Ernest Cech who placed the tapes at our and your disposal. We invite you to listen! (DIETRICH H. KRANER) 14 Tracks. Recorded: Vienna, Renaissancebühne, October 1957.
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