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Fehring, Johannes - Jazz & Dance Music Of The Fifties

This orchestra was Fehring's “First Herd“, as he enjoyed naming it in reference to the Woody Herman Band.
All the recordings for this CD are from this orchestra. They originated between 1949 and 1954, at a time when there was not a strict separation yet between jazz and dance-music. Consequently, you can hear pure jazz from the bandbook of Stan Kenton (“Intermission Riff”, “Balboa Bash”) and Woody Herman (“Lemon Drop” with scatting from Fehring and Gert Steffens) and Les Brown (“Treff As” = Lovers Leap).
With Charlotte Rank, Gerhard Bronner, Bruce Low, Easy Maya, Chris Ulbertson, Maria von Schmedes, Franz Reinisch, Theo Ferstl, Klaus Alzner, Teddy Winholz, Robert Demmer etc.
22 Tracks.
Price: 13,50 EUR