RST BSIN01052323 (2 CD-Set)

Koller, Hans - Some Winds (1954/1955) (2 CD-Set)

Die meisten Aufnahmen auf dieser Doppel-CD entstanden in Wien in den Jahren 1954 bis 1955. Einige Titel erscheinen zum ersten Mal auf CD.
Mit Dick Murphy (tp), Hans Salomon (as), Hans Koller (ts), Joe Zawinul (p), Kurt Wald (b), Viktor Plasil (dr), Roland Kovac (p), Shorty Roeder (b), Rudi Sehring (dr) und Willi Sanner (bs).
CD 1:
1. Zero
2. These
3. M.S.K.
4. Koller's Idea
5. Feuerwehr
6. No parking
7. Summertime
8. Gone with the wind
9. Hood
10. Going my Hemmingway
11. I'll remember
12. Tea for two
CD 2:
1. Thou swell
2. Some winds
3. 3x2
4. Iris
5. April in Paris
6. Heizelmännchen
7. Little concert
8. Hood
9. Laura
10. They didn't believe me
11. For Gerry
12. Indian summer
13. Porsche
14. Moonlight in Vermont
Released 1993.

Das Label über diese CD:
Hans Koller is an artist essentially only interested in what he is currently producing. His total commitment and artistic creative powers are always devoted to the project at hand. So it is today, in the '90s, that it's primarily his seven-man saxophone ensemble which realizes his musical ideas. In this ensemble, all of the members of the saxophone family are represented, from sopranino to bass-sax, and their collective improvising gives each voice the chance to unfold spontaneously, freely and creatively. Koller was always one step ahead of his contemporaries with his concepts. His saxophone ensemble is probably playing now the music of the year 2000.
If one traces Koller's musical developement from much earlier, then his present concept is plausible when one hears the recordings of his "New Jazz Stars" from the mid-'50s. At the time, the average jazz consumer did not always understand the polyphonic melody-li.nes of the ensemble (arranged mostly by Dr. Roland Kovac) and the bizzarrely constructed, extensive solo choruses of Koller's tenor. When one hears today those recordings which are nearly 40 years old, then you're impressed not only by the unmistakable Koller sound (the result of constant correcting and experimenting with the saxophone reeds), and the grandiose technical skill, but also by the maturity and present-day freshness of the music. These two attributes are not contradictions.
It was obvious then, that these recordings should be released again, technically improved. All of them originated from 1954 to 1955, chiefly in Vienna. When one looks at the start of Hans Koller's international career and compares that with his .music from the '90s, one can't help but recognize a continuous line of artistic development whose daring is unusual from both the experimental and revolutionary side of jazz.
Hans Koller - Viennese, born in 1921 - absorbed jazz from his earliest youth onwards like only very few Europeans. At the time of these recordings, some of which are being released for the first time on this double CD-set, his talent was more highly recognized in the homeland of jazz, in the USA, than it was with us. In the last. four decades, as both composer and improviser, Hans has• given back to jazz something of the European culture of the enjoyment of playing together. We can trace his roots back equally to Lester Young and Anton Webern, to Lennie Tristano and Arnold Schönberg, to Count Basie and Josef Mathias Hauer.
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