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Wilfer, Rudi - What Now My Love

"'What Now My Love' - with this album I achieved a new goal: the silence, the Solo Piano, the final aim of every piano-player."
Rudi Wilfer had his first engagement in the Uzzi-Foerster-Jazz-Band, and with the Fatty George Band his career started, beginning with the trumpet and the piano, in the Viennese swinging sixties. In the following years he concentrated upon the piano and became the creative connecting-member for international Jazz-giants like Slide Hampton, Leo Wright & Carmell Jones Quintet and Oliver Nelson (who fetched Rudi to his Berlin Dream Band over night). At the end of the sixties, the Rudi Wilfer Trio with Toni Michelmayr and Victor Plasil made their debut, but Rudi's no holding pleasure to play the piano made it possible 10 work for Erich Kleinschuster's Sextet as well.
But even this did not put him in a quiet mood. He was always on the search of communication and new experiences. So he worked with the Charlie Antolini Band "Jazzpower", the Max Gregor jr. Band, Friedrich Gulda, Carl Drewo, Michael Honzak, Bud Freeman, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Lee Harper, Karl Ratzer, Aladar Pege, Rudi Staeger and a lot more,
1973, he won the "International Jazz Composition Contest of Monaco" with "For Joe", which is a honour to his first big impression, Joe Zawinul. Wilfer: "He inspired me to play the piano with fifteen, and to write 'For Joe' with thirty-seven - but we made music together only 1995, in the Vienna Volkstheater!"
The Jazzmusician Wilfer wrote as well the "St. Michaeler Messe", which he played 1981 for the very first time in the Don-Bosco-church in Vienna, in the course of the "Viennese Jazz-Frühling" with the Arnold Schoenberg choire and the NOE-Chamber-Orchestra (solo players: Erich Kleinschuster, Carl Drewo) under the direction of Erwin Ortner. Gerhard Bronner made in his "Hits for the advanced" three broadcasts of that and meant: "Rudi Wilfer started as Jazzer, but now he insists on being acknowledged as serious composer'" Now, the opus, which was played already in all capitols of Austria, will be performed again, because of Rudi Wilfer's 60th birthday in the autumn 96, in his hometown Salzburg in the cathedral under the direction of Janos Czifra.
"What Now My Love" is a further highlight in Wilfer's career. Beside six Wilfer-compositions, the CD presents as well Bernstein's "Somewhere" and Robert Schumann's "Scenes Of Childness" -new arranged by Wilfer "for improvisations". Of course, it will definitely not be the last chief attraction of this great musician: "In the meantime I discovered my love to the violin. I compose more than ever: a concert of piano, little bits for violin and piano, a big concert of violin. Even an opera is in the safe: 'Christian', a modern, contemporary dramatic poetry."
(Rudi Wilfer)

1. What Now My Love (G. Becaud) (5:32)
2. Mitzi & Felix (Rudi Wilfer) (4:31)
3. Downtown ((Rudi Wilfer) (4:57)
4. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (F. Loewe) (4:47)
5. Our Secret (Rudi Wilfer) (4:26)
6. Kinderszenen (R. Schumann – Arr. Rudi Wilfer) (5:36)
7. What's That? (Rudi Wilfer) (3:35)
8. What A Difference A Day Made (M. Grefer) (6:17)
9. Somewhere (L. Bernstein – Arr. Rudi Wilfer) (6:05)
10. Witchcraft (Coleman-Light) (5:03)
11. Samba De Roman (Rudi Wilfer) (4:04)
12. CA-Fuge (Rudi Wilfer) (3:38)
13. My Romance (R. Rogers) (4:19)
Recorded at Tonstudio Pete Lancester, Vienna, April 6 & 7, 1995.
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