Arbors Records BSIN01586933

Wilber, Bob / Davern, Kenny - Reunion at Arbors

"This eminently satisfying CD is a prime example of that special chemistry that has always existed between Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber ....This particular recording, which was made after Bob and Kenny played together at the March of Jazz festival at Clearwater Beach, Florida in the Spring of 1997, is among their best and certainly one of their most distinctive. (Ross Firestone, author of lhe award-winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
Bob Wilber (ss, cl), Kenny Davern (cl), Bucky Pizzarelli (g), Dave Frishberg (p), Bob Haggart (b), Ed Metz Jr. (dr).
9 Tracks.
Price: 19,50 EUR