HIP-O BSIN01685822

Washington Jr., Grover - Live at Bijou

Grover Washington Jr. always put on exciting shows, and this performance from the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia is a good example of his repertoire in 1977. It does not reach the heights of his best studio recordings or concerts, but there are some fine moments. Utilizing his octet of the time (with violinist John Blake, keyboardist James Simmons, and flutist Leslie Burrs), this CD (a straight reissue of the original LP) mostly features Washington playing lesser-known tunes that would not stay in his repertoire for long (other than a medley that includes "Mr. Magic"), but Washington (heard on tenor, alto, and soprano) consistently uplifts the material. (Scott Yanow) Featuring Grover Washington Jr. (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone), Tyrone Brown (bass), Millard Vinson (drums), John Blake (electric violin, violin), Leslie Burrs (flute), Richard Lee Steacker (guitar), James Sid Simmons (keyboards), Sid Simmons (keyboards), Leonard "Doc" Gibbs (percussion). 8 Tracks. Total time: 76,25 min.
Price: 21,90 EUR