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Landgren, Nils / Parker, Maceo / Funk Unit - Live In Stockholm

Scandinavia has long been known as a hot house for the cultivation of jazz and pop in Europe. ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, Jan Garbarek, and Nils Henning ěrsted Peterson are all internationally recognised names from the North. Nils Landgren is another Nordic musician that has been gaining an enthusiastic world-wide audience. The Swedish trombonist first began his transcontinental travels in 1981 with the legendary Thad Jones Big Band. His ventures into jazz and soul were rewarded with a series of hit albums, including his vocal renditions of "Streetfighter", and "You're My Number One". He has written film music ("Winter of the Rats" and "Code Paragon"), guested with the Crusaders (1989's "Life in the Modern World") and David Murray's 1993 Jazz Baltica project, recorded with David Johannesson, and worked with Herbie Hancock. "Live in Stockholm" brought Landgren's Funk Unit into the fore as an internationally acclaimed group. With Landgren's lyrical virtuoso trombone solos and guest alto saxophone great Maceo Parker's soul-drenched r&b sermons, the music is a thrilling combination of jazz and funk. Compositions such as "Traci", and Coltrane's "Impressions" are reminiscent of the period when trombonist Wayne Henderson and the Crusaders reigned over the jazz-funk kingdom, while pieces such as "Mr. M" and "Red Horn" propel Langdren, former Brown band member Parker, and rapper Magnum Coltrane Price, into James Browns' soulful realm. Hip music in the groove! Personnel: Nils Landgren (trombone and lead vocals), Henrik Janson (guitar), Jesper Mejlvang (keyboards and vocals), Lars Danielsson (fender bass), Per Lindvall (drums), Ake Sundqvist (drums, percussion & trumpet), Jan Ugand (sound wiz). Guests: Maceo Parker (alto sax, vocals and good spirits), Magnum Coltrane Price (rap & vocals). 11 Tracks. Recorded live in Stockholm at the Jazz and Bluesfestival July 4 and at Jazzclub Fasching July 5 and 6, 1994.
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