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Take The Duck - Resolution

"TAKE THE DUCK" is an international Jazz Quartet founded in 1998 by Toine Thys (B) on alt & soprano sax and Daniel Nösig (A) on trumpet & flugelhorn. The rhythm section of "TAKE THE DUCK" is Eric Surmenian (F) on acoustic bass and Thorsten Grau (D) on drums; the CD is honored with two guest bass players: Nic Thys and Eric van der Westen. Somewhere between Ornette Coleman and classical chamber music, TAKE THE DUCK‘s music is also influenced by gospel, and many modern jazz artists. A concert of "TAKE THE DUCK" is always an adventure full of surprises, grooves and colours, swing and good energy. The horns blend and paraphrase almost telepathically, and leave to the creative rhythm section a lot of space for grooves or ideas. The instruments of the band can have different roles, for instance the horns improvising together, or comping the other instruments. They perform regularly in Belgium, Holland, Austria, Spain and Germany. Their concert at the `Jazz al Parque´ Festival in Bogotŕ (Colombia) in September 2001 was a great success. Their first CD (‘RESOLUTION’, recorded in Brussels in February 2002) is out now.
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