Columbia BSIN02059772

Cena, John / And Tha Trademarc - You Can't See Me

Superstar John Cena featuring “The Time Is Now” & “Bad, Bad Man”.
WWE Star First HipHop Album f. Bumpy Knuckles, Esoteric.
1. The Time Is Now
2. Don't Fuck With Us
3. Flow Easy
4. Right Now
5. Make It Loud
6. Just Another Day
7. Summer Flings
8. Keep Frontin'
9. We Didn't Want You To Know
10. Bad, Bad Man
11. Running Game
12. Beantown
13. This Is How We Roll
14. What Now
15. Know The Rep
16. Chain Gang Is The Click
17. If It All Ended Tomorrow
Recorded 2005.
Price: 22,90 EUR