Telarc BSIN02125421

Spano, Robert / Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Sibelius: Kullervo

Composer: Jean Sibelius

New release features baritone Nathan Gunn, mezzo-soprano Charlotte Hellekant, and the men from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus
First recording of Kullervo with an English-speaking chorus
On November 28, Telarc will release the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s recording of Kullervo, the five-movement narrative symphony composed by Jean Sibelius at the age of 25. Kullervo, was based on a story from the Kalevala, the mythic history of the ancient Finns, and from the moment of its 1892 premiere in Helsinki – conducted by Sibelius – Kullervo, became a symbol of Finnish nationalism, and the composer became a national hero.
The 80-minute work, performed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the men from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, with baritone Nathan Gunn and mezzo-soprano Charlotte Hellekant, was conducted by ASO Music Director Robert Spano and recorded at the Woodruff Arts Center in May.
Price: 19,90 EUR