Jazz Oktatási és Kutatási Alapítvány BSIN04230621 Budapest, 2012, Englisch/Ungarisch, HC, 176 S. mit zahlr. Farb. Abb., Format: 30,2 x 21,6 x 1,4 cm

Bajnai, Klára / Simon, Géza Gábor - Hungarian Recording History in Pictures / Képes maygyr hanglemez-történet

In the present volume we are only able to present a couple of hundred oft he many tens of thousands of related documents. The incredibly long process of selection is the result of about fifty years of consistent work.
The presentation of the material we attempted in to choose only that which is not to be found in any other more recent published source work. We have paid greater attention to documents over fifty years old.
Often only one example has survived in a collection of one or two private collectors. Also we have only been able to select a few of the many hundred thousand recordings from the “hungarica jungle“ of releases distributed in the era of LP and CD since this relatively freely available material would be more than the extent oft he book.
Translated by Katherine Chapman.
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